• GoPros and unintentional beauty

    No one ever consciously thinks of GoPro footage, ‘I will make this beautiful.’ I think the whole understanding around GoPros is that if you point it at nice things (nature/landmarks/out the front of a car), your footage won’t be half bad. I mourned a little when the new GoPros featured phone connectivity. Part of the joy of… Continue reading

  • Compass points

    I’ve done some nature this week. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Nature the first was a walk in an inner-city park on Tuesday. Nowhere to be, nothing really in mind to see: just walking, looking, feeling. Nature the second was some experimental filming done as part of a research day in north-east Melbourne.… Continue reading

About Me

Daniel Binns is a media-maker and theorist of media and screen cultures. He is the author of The Hollywood War Film: Critical Observations from World War I to Iraq (2017), and Material Media-Making in the Digital Age (2021), and has published work on Netflix documentaries, drone cinematography, and film genres. Long walks on the beach are fine, but I much prefer cabins in the woods, board games, RPGs, and movies.