New things

A big couple of months, hence the lack of updates. I’ve taken up a new position as Lecturer in Media at RMIT University. Yes, RMIT in Melbourne. I’m now, once more, a Victorian. The move has been tough, but it’s great to be back down here surrounded by family and friends and much decent coffee.

The new job is shaping up well, and is sucking most of my hours, particularly in terms of catching up on research. I’m still in the process of editing the PhD for publication, and will have finished another two publications by the time I start teaching proper in early March.

Things bode well, and I’ll keep this updated as often as possible, particularly with notes on research, more war films, games, and so on.

New site launched

In the hopes of keeping things a bit more contained, and drawing in my various websites, presences and so on, I’ve set up this site. For those of you who haven’t encountered me before, I’m Dan, and I’m a writer, producer, and researcher from Sydney. My primary research focus is film studies, and I’m interested in the links between cinema and other media, particularly video games and literature. I’ve published on cinematic representations of D-Day and the changing nature of film narrative.

This site will be populated with a CV, publications list, filmography, and more, over the coming weeks.